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Certified pest Control Started march 2000. Mission of certified was and is today, to provide great quality pest control at an affordable price. Pest are a nasty part of life that can be dangerous in some cases, we believe that no one should be held hostage to unruly pest and other pest companies that charge outrageous prices.

Why should you treat for pests?

Pests are unsightly problems to your home or property. They spread a large variety of germs and can even pose danger. To keep your home a place of comfort and safety, call Certified Pest Control when any pest issues arise. When it comes to ants, spiders, cockroaches, mice, or other pests, Certified Pest Control has the certified and friendly technicians to assist you in bring the comfort back to your home and the safety back to your property. We can treat and create a barricade around both the inside and outside of your home to assure you that you are protected from the pests. We guarantee it.